Template:CharacterBoxZachary Ketchum, or called Zach by the family, is a six-year-old an aspiring Pokémon Trainer. He is the younger brother of Bailey Ketchum and Ash and Serena Ketchum's younger child and only son.

Physical appearance

While Bailey takes after their mother, Zach takes after their father, having his spiky black hair but Serena's blue eyes. He wears a blue t-shirt, a pair of shorts and black and red sneakers.


Just like he takes after his father in appearance, Zachary takes after his father in personality as well, but not an extreme. Like his father, Zach has a strong sense of justice, especially with Pokémon. Despite his age, Zachary is slightly much more smarter than his father when Ash was his age. Zachary cares and loves all Pokémon, and when he's stuck at home will always been seen taking care of his parent's Pokémon, usually with Pikachu watching over him especially when he's near Ash's 30 Tauros.


Due to not being the right age to be a Trainer, Zachary isn't able to raise his own.


Prior to the series

Zachary is the only son of Ash and Serena and the younger brother of Bailey. Unlike his sister, Zachary was born in Lumiose City. Zachary grew up in Lumiose City but every summer, he, Bailey and his Parents would travel to Pallet Town to see Grandma Delia and spend time at Professor Oak's Lab playing with all the Pokémon there.

Kanto Saga

Zachary is mentioned in Kanto 1: Kanto and Beyond! but doesn't make his physical appearance until Kanto 37: The Pokémon League where he and his parents travel to Kanto to watch Bailey and Scarlett battle in the Indigo League.

In Orange League 1: Terror in the Sky, it's revealed that Zachary joined Bailey and Liam in their travel to the Orange Islands.


  • Zachary was originally going to be a baby.
  • Zach doesn't like it Pikachu wakes Bailey up.
  • He often takes naps with Serena's Sylveon.