The Triton cousins refer to the sons/daughters of Cilan, Chili and Cress, the former gym leaders of the f Striaton City Gym.

Cayden Triton

The eldest of the three, Cayden is the daughter of Cilan and his wife Willow Triton and specializes with Psychic-types. Her prized Pokémon that she uses is a male Sigilyph.

Emery Triton

Emery is the son of Chili and specializes with Ghost-types. His prized Pokémon is a female Frillish.

Delaney Triton

The youngest of the three cousins, Delaney, is the daughter of Cress and specializes with Dark-types. Her prized Pokémon that she uses is a female Purrloin, much to her Uncle Cilan's dismay.