Welcome to Shadow's Pokemon Wiki!
The wiki about characters and content created by ShadowSpirit020 from Wikia.

Shinystar NOTICE ALERT!! This wiki is currently on HIATUS due to ShadowSpirit020 doing some new ideas and Shinystar whatnot for her series! Please be patient and wait for an update!
Shinystar SPOILER ALERT!! The following article may contain content that some may consider major spoilers for Shinystar characters, content and/or endings. Leave now if you wish to remain unspoiled. You have been warned.

The Shadow's Pokemon Wiki is an encyclopedia for all of ShadowSpirit020's work for Journey Through the Regions. There are 124 articles and 683 images and has been growing since this wiki was founded in May 2016.

Please note, this is the secondary Wiki of ShadowSpirit020 which holds all of her Pokemon OCs and Pokemon related items. For her other one, go to Nova-Lioness Wikia.

  • Pokémon and all characters, content, ideas, etc. belong to Nintendo and Satoshi Tajiri.
  • All images are from Bulbapedia Bulbagardent

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