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Samael, commonly referred to as Sam, is the owner and caretaker of the Flygon Valley, which was made specifically as a natural paradise for wild Flygon. Sam is the cousin of Liza, caretaker of the Charicific Valley in the Johto region.


Sam is set to appear in Flygon's New Found Strength!. He had heard of a trainer who owned a Flygon that won a Tournament. Sam was even more impressed with Flygon after seeing it send Logan West and Emma Skylark flying with it's new found move, Dragon Rage. Sam then offers to train Aeryn's Flygon. While she is hesitant in leaving her precious Flygon, Aeryn leaves him behind to help him become even more powerful.


This listing is of Sam's known Pokémon:

Flygon ShinyVIStar


Flygon (multiple)
Sam trains multiple Flygon that live at Flygon Valley. They are wild, and never see humans because of the risk of Pokémon Poachers. The Flygon battle and train to become stronger.

None of the Flygon's moves are known.