Raven Blakely
Biological Information

Raven Montgomery


Raven Montgomery





Hair color

Light purple

Eye color



Seth Blakely (estranged father)
Miranda Blakely (estranged mother)
Dane Montgomery (older brother)
Dana Montgomery (older sister)

Trainer class


Member of

Team Dark Flame

Raven Montgomery, born as Raven Blakely, is a 13-year-old Pokémon Trainer from Hau'oli City of the Alola region. She is the younger daughter of professional Pokémon Trainer Seth Blakely and professional Pokémon Coordinator Miranda Blakely, and the younger sister of twins Dane and Dana Montgomery.

Raven was born into a rich and wealthy family, however, she wants nothing to do with the rich. Raven and her older brother and sister, Dane and Dana, were raised by their butler, Marco Montgomery and head maid, Lindsey Montgomery, Marco's wife. Her first Pokémon is a male Litten who wishes to not evolve to his final stage.


Despite her name, Raven does not have black hair. She has light purple, shoulder-length hair, violet-colored eyes and average skin tone. She wears a dark purple elbow-length shirt under a white sleeveless vest, dark gray shorts and dark purple high-tops. She also wears a belt with her Pokéballs attached.


Unlike some rich people, Raven is not snobbish at all. In fact, Raven hates all the extra money her parents have and don't do anything with it. She is a kind, caring and very friendly. She loves a good battle and shows excellent sportsmanship. She cares very much for her Pokémon and tends to baby them a lot. Raven doesn't have the best relationship with her parents due to their careers and being out of the house all the time. Raven has a close father-daughter relationship with the Blakely's butler, Marco, and a close mother-daughter relationship with Marco's wife, Lindsey, who is also the Blakely's head maid. She is also extremely close with her older sister Dana, and loves her dearly. Raven usually calls her for advice and other things. When Dana started her Pokémon Journey, she promised to call and send pictures every day–which Dana did.

Raven has yet to decide what she wants to be, Trainer or Coordinator. She doesn't see herself as a Performer, not at all. She'd like to make both her parents proud, and even get them to notice her, but sadly, that won't happen. She is told all the time by Marco and Lindsey that despite them not being her real parents, they are proud of her nevertheless). Dana tells her to follow her heart, and fortunately, Raven's heart is telling her to do what she wants to do: Gym Battles and Contests.


On hand



Prior to the series

Raven was born in Hau'oli City, Alola to the famous and rich Professional Pokémon Trainer and Coordinator Seth and Miranda Blakely and the younger sister (by five years) of twins Dane and Dana. Raven, Dane and Dana were raised in the Blakely Mansion on the outskirts of Hau'oli City by their butler, Marco Montgomery and his wife Lindsey Montgomery, due to their parents being out of the house all the time. Because of this, Raven and the twins pretty much resent their parents and see Marco and Lindsey as their parents, it also caused the siblings to take the Montgomery last name rather than their real, birth names.

Kalos Arc

Raven makes her debut in Kalos 1 where she is picking her first Pokémon; she picks Litten. Once arriving home, she reveals her choice of Pokémon to Dana, Dane, Lindsey, and Marco. While on her way to the airport to take her to Lumiose City in the Kalos region, Raven came face-to-face with an Alolan Meowth. After a rather, hard yet somewhat long and fierce battle, Raven was able to catch the Alolan Pokémon adding a third one to her team. Raven appears once more arriving to the city but unfortunately running right into Reina Yuki as she was exiting the Pokémon Center.


  • Raven was originally going to be Scarlett Farren's best friend, but a new idea came into place and took that idea down
  • Raven doesn't use her birth name "Blakely" when out in public/traveling. She uses Marco and Lindsey's surname of "Montgomery", along with her sister.

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