Peyton Everest
Personal data
Age 10 (assumed)
Gender Female
Trainer class Trainer
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Birth date Unknown
Place of origin Unknown
Residence Traveling in Kalos
Hair color Pale blonde
Eye color Silver
Skin color Pale
Relatives Unknown birth family
Anita (care taker)
Friends Jordan Anderson
Powers and skills
Skills Battling skills, double battles, strategy
Weaknesses Keeps to self
Equipment Pokédexes, Pokéballs, bike
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Quest for the Past
Peyton Everest is a main character in the Quest for the Past series. She is a beginner Pokemon Trainer with no idea about her past or history only knowing she had a shiny Shinx and Gible with her when she was found by Anita's Dragonite.

Physical description

Peyton is a ten-year-old girl of average weight and height with shoulder-length black hair[1], some hair curling over her dark red eye. Peyton wears a black and blue lined, zipper hoodie over a black tank-top, with a black skirt, leggings and dark brown calf-length boots. She also wears a pair of fingerless gloves and a locket with baby picture of her (right side) and scratched out picture of two adults (left). Other gear she carries is a Pokédex that was found with Shinx, a Pokégear that Anita gave her. She also wears a charm bracelet that keeps the rest of her Pokeballs, Shinx and Gible's included.


Due to her not knowing her past, Peyton tends to keep to herself, only really getting close to few people and her Pokemon. She has a strong friendship with Jordan since he’s been there for her since she came to Kalos. Peyton trusts Jordan and often goes to him for help, especially when she gets tired on not finding anything about her. Despite her keeping to herself, she will always help a Pokémon in need no matter what, even if that Pokémon is wild or even under a trainer. She can be blunt at times, especially if a Trainer is mistreating their Pokémon. Peyton is no way afraid in voicing her thoughts.



  • Battle Knowledge: Despite having no knowledge of her past, Peyton is very skilled when it comes to Pokémon Battles. She is quickly able to command Shinx and Gible to an attack.
  • Strategic planning: Since starting her journey, Peyton has become very skilled in planning battle strategies both ahead of time and during battle.


  • Pokédex: Peyton carries around the Kalos regional Pokédex.
  • Pokégear: Peyton carries around a Pokégear.
  • Pokéballs: Peyton possesses several Pokéballs with which she can capture wild Pokémon.
  • Backpacks
  • Locket: Peyton carries around a locket that most likely has a picture of infant her with a male, she has no idea who the man is as most of the picture is scratched.


On Hand



Not much of Peyton’s past is known. In fact, she doesn’t remember it!


Peyton was found drifting on a piece of driftwood in the ocean near Cinnabar Island in the Kanto Region. She was thankfully found by Anita Zander's Dragonite who brought the unconscious girl to her Trainer.

When she awoke, Peyton was confused and lost but at the sight of Shinx and Gible, she remembered only one thing: her name. And that was it.

Anita tried to help Peyton find answers to her missing past while she was vacationing in Kanto, but no luck. When her vacation was coming to an end, Anita invited Peyton to come to Kalos with her, maybe they could find information there. Unfortunately, they would not.

But, a friend of Anita's suggested that Peyton go on a Pokémon Journey. It could help her find out more about herself and find more information while traveling. It didn’t take long for Peyton to sign up for the Kalos Pokémon League and start her journey taking her Shinx and Gible with her. But she wasn’t alone. Anita’s friend’s son, Jordan Anderson, joined her as he was also starting his own journey.


  • Peyton's name is often spelled as "Payton" due to people not knowing.


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