Template:CharacterBox Morgrim McDonald is a Pokemon Trainer from Lumiose City and the rival of Scarlett Montgomery. Favoring power over anything, Morgan aims to get only the most powerful. His starter Pokemon is a Chespin, wanting to evolving into a Chesnaught.

Physical appearance



Morgrim is a very arrogant trainer, very similar to how Gary Oak was when he was younger. He cared only for power and strength and only aimed to get Pokemon with power. Anything else, he would call weak and release. He doesn't like training his Pokemon to learn new moves as he finds it a complete waste of his time when he could be training them to get stronger.


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Chespin is very much like his trainer, mean and arrogant. He cares only for power and trains constantly to try to level up and evolve into his final form of Chesnaught.

Chespin's known moves are Pin Missile, Tackle, Vine Whip, Rollout, Brick Break, Energy Ball and Shadow Ball.


Morgrim was born in Agate Village of the Orre region to professional trainer Alejandro McDonald and professional coordinator Meghan McDonald. When he was three, he and family moved to the Kalos region where his parents entered the Pokemon Professional League, but they never did battles/contests at the same time.

Eventually Morgrim started hanging out with the children in the city at the local Day Care center. That's where he would meet Scarlett Montgomery. He declared her his rival at a very young age but to his annoyance Scarlett didn't pay any attention to that. She didn't care about being rivals. His annoyance soon turned into jealousy when she arrived at Day Care with an Eevee. It was then revealed that Eevee was given to Scarlett as a present by her father since he was usually at work, leaving her alone or with the Ketchum family. He didn't like it that he had to wait until his 13th birthday to get his first Pokemon. Morgrim then began to do research on Pokemon (which was something Scarlett did as a hobby) and sore to outdo Scarlett.

The day of his 13th birthday, Morgrim went to Professor Sycamore and picked a Chespin as his starter.


Kalos badges

This listing is of the badges Morgrim has obtained in the Kalos region:


  • Morgrim was made to avoid the idea on having an Evil Team following Scarlett.
    • The evil team idea would later come in the story.