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Malia Hunter is a main character in the Pokémon Trials series and a new Pokemon Trainer form the Johto region. Orphaned at a young age, Malia grew up in the New Bark Town Town Orphanage with only her Espurr and father's Charizard left to her.

Physical description

Malia is a young girl with shoulder-length dark pink hair, with some hanging over her right eye with dark orange eyes and pale skin.

Malia wears a dark purple and black zipper hoodie over a dark shirt, blue jeans and a pair of brown boots. She has a belt around her waist that holds her Pokéballs. She also wears a pair of earrings.


Malia is a kind, caring, and very friendly young girl. She enjoys making friends, but is careful with who she becomes friends with. Malia is known for having a somewhat temper. Malia is very kind and respective to her elders, as she was taught to do that. However, there are some that Malia refuses to give respect. That usually goes to those that hurt or harm Pokemon for enjoyment or payment.


As a beginner, Malia is just starting out and has only her Espurr and her father's Charizard, Bryning.

On hand



Pokémon Trials


On her tenth birthday, Malia went to Professor Elm to get her first Pokémon. She picked the little shy Cyndaquil who she nicknamed Blazar. Though, when she returned home to show her father, Blake surprised by her telling her he has an idea where her mother is. Despite her dream to become the best Fire Type Trainer, Malia decided to go in search of her mother first, just to ask why she wasn't there for her and Blake. However she wasn't expecting to hear from her father that her mother was most likely in the Kalos region. Taking Blazar with her, Malia heads to the Kalos region in search for her mother.

Throughout her journey in Kalos, Malia meets another new trainer named Matt Zhane, a trainer from the Unova region, who is also on a journey to find who his father. Together, the two hope to find answers to both their questions, and also compete in the Kalos League.


After finishing the Kalos League, Malia decides to head back to Johto and decide what to do from there. Just a few days returning home, she gets a surprise when Matt comes to her house and asks if she wants to travel with him again. Despite learning who his father is, Matt wants nothing to do with him and decides to continue going on a Pokémon Journey. Malia decides to join Matt and together the two take on the Johto league.


Following her finishing Johto, Malia and Matt decide to head to the Kanto region to take part in the Indigo League. Just like in Johto, they meet new friends and new rivals, but find themselves being followed by a group known as Team Rocket because of their rare Pokémon they have.


  • Malia is the Hawaiian form of the name "Maria".
  • Malia's dream is to become the top Fire Type Trainer.