Template:Character Infobox2 Liam Takeshi is the sixteen-year-old son of Brock and Lucy Takeshi and the older brother of Carly Takeshi. Like his father did prior to his Sinnoh journey, Liam wants to become the world's greatest Pokémon Breeder.

Physical appearance

In terms of physical appearance, Liam takes after his mother, having her jet black hair and dark red eyes. His hair is shoulder-length and is shaggy. He tends to wear purple and black, just like his mother. His normal attire consists of a dark purple and black outlined jacket over a dark gray t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. He has a backpack similar to his father's during his traveling days.


Liam is a kind, caring young man. With his age, it would seem that he is the most mature of the group Unlike his father, Liam does not fall for every pretty woman, though like any boy he goes gain a crush every now and then. He cares very much for Pokemon and will right away go to help one, be it wild or belong to someone else.


On hand



Prior to the series

Liam was born to Brock and Lucy Takeshi in Pewter City while his parents were visiting his paternal grandparents. Eight years later, he became the older brother to Carly. From such a young age, Liam knew that when he got older he'd want to do something with Pokemon. It wasn't until a family trip to Alola that he decided to become a Pokemon Breeder, much like his father originally started.

He is best friends with Gabriel, the son of Misty, the Gym Leader of Cerulean City. They originally met when Brock went to the Cerulean City Gym to take care of the Template:Water-type Pokemon in the gym. The two boys hit it up right away and began to hang out with each other.

His very first Pokemon was a female Seviper that his mother gave him as a thirteenth gift. He didn't start his journey at 13 as he wanted to do some more studying first.

Kanto Saga

Liam, along with his parents, and Carly are set to appear in Kanto 3: A Rocky Battle.


  • Liam was originally not going to appear. He was created to add a male traveling companion in with Scarlett and Bailey.