Liam's Unfezent
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Liam's Unfezent
Debuts in Abandoned Island!
Caught at Unova
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location With Liam
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Liam's Unfezent is Liam's fourth known Pokémon. Unfezent made his appearance in Kanto 10: Abandoned Island!.


Prior to the series

Liam caught Unfezent back he was a Pidove during a vacation to Unova.

Kanto Arc

Unfezent makes his debut in Kanto 10: Abandoned Island! where he is used to search the island for Aeryn's Eevee, Luxio, Bailey's Ralts, Logan's Snubbull and Emma's Litleo.

Personality and characteristics

Not much is known about Unfezent's personality. He is a very kind and helpful Pokémon, as seen when he goes off to find the others Pokémon after getting separated.

Moves used

None of Unfezent's moves are known.


  • Unfezent was originally going to be female.