Kestral Morgan
Personal data
Age 13
Gender Female
Species Human
Trainer class Trainer
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Hoenn
Hair color Green
Eye color Blue
Skin color Tan
Relatives Sawyer Morgan (father)
Emmaline Morgan (mother)
Friends Scarlett Montgomery, Bailey Ketchum
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Journey Through the Regions

Kestral Morgan is a 13-year-old Pokemon Trainer from the Hoenn region. She is the only daughter of Sawyer and Emmaline Morgan, professional trainer and coordinator, respectively.

Physical appearance

Kestral inherited her father's green hair, with hers going past her shoulders and bangs nearing her blue eyes, and tanned skin like her father.

She wears a light brown, short-sleeve shirt-like jacket over a white dress-like top, black leggings and black and silver sneakers. Kestral keeps her Pokéballs on a charm bracelet on her left wrist.


Kestral is lot like her father, studious and careful, but is also like her mother, who is kind and carefree. Unlike her father, she doesn't panic as much as he did when he was younger, but does fret when things don't go according to plan.

When she frets when her plans don't go as she wants, Torchic often has to hit Kestral with a little Ember to snap her out of it.



  • Battling: Since starting her journey, Kestral has become very good in Pokemon battles.
  • Strategic planning: Unlike her father who panicked, Kestral did not, and is able to create plans on the fly.


This listing is of Kestral's known Pokémon:

Main article: Kestral's Torchic

Torchic is Kestral's starter Pokémon who she got from Professor Birch in Littleroot Town.

Gible is Kestral's second Pokémon. It is later revealed that Kestral got Gibe as a gift from her mother, as well as the offspring of Emmaline's Garchomp.

Gible's known moves are Dig, Dragon Pulse, Tackle and Sandstorm.

Litleo is Kestral's third known Pokémon. Litleo makes its appearance in The Trainer from Hoenn.


Kestral was born in the Hoenn region to professional trainer Sawyer and professional coordinator Emmaline Morgan. Kestral grew up in both the Hoenn region and Johto region, her mother's home region, before settling down in Hoenn when she was eight.

Kalos Arc

Kestral makes her appearance in The Trainer from Hoenn, where she was training along Kalos Route 11 and meets Scarlett Montgomery and Bailey Ketchum.


  • Kestral was originally named Christina.
  • Kestral is another form of the name Kestrel.