Kara Wintson

Kara Winston

Kara Winston is a Pokémon rancher that lives in a place called Ranchers Valley, a place where many different types of Pokémon ranchers live, which is along Kalos Route 11. She appears in The Pokémon Race.

With her family, Kara raises and breed Ponyta and Rapidash, which is where she got hers. With her Houndoom, she protects the Ponyta and Rapidash from Pokémon poachers and hunters. She is rivals to Danny Delgado, a boy who lives on a ranch nearby that bred Zebstrika.

Kara was going to race in a race with her Ponyta, but an accident caused by Danny, who was working with Logan West and Vera Skylark, caused her to break her leg, preventing her from running in the race. However, after seeing Scarlett being able to calm her Pontya, Kara asked Scarlett to race in her place. Though it took some convincing, Scarlett later agreed.

Scarlett and Ponyta entered the race, and they were able to successfully defeat Danny, and all the other Trainers, and win the race. In the process, Ponyta evolved into a Rapidash.


This is a listing of all of Kara Winston's Pokémon.

Houndoom is Kara's first known Pokemon. It helps her on the ranch by guarding the Ponyta and Rapiash and keeping Pokémon Hunters and Poachers away. Houndoom is very loyal to Kara and is seen outside its Pokéball.

Houndoom's known moves are Flamethrower and Dark Pulse.

Ponyta ShinyVIStar
Ponyta is Kara's second known Pokémon. Ponyta appeared right when Arya and her friends arrived on the ranch, not knowing that they were on private property.

It later appeared when a herd of Rapidash got out of control. Kara tried to stop them but fell off Ponyta, breaking her leg. Back at the ranch, Kara could not enter the race because of her injury, so with some convincing, she, Raven, Bailey and Reina managed to convince Scarlett to go in her place.

On the Winston Ranch

The following Pokémon are seen in the care of Kara and her ranch.

Ponyta and Rapidash (multiple)
A large Ponyta and Rapidash herd lives at the Winston Ranch. During the day they run around the Ranch's fields while at night they reside in a pen.