Team Battle Tournament

Trainers enter the Battle Tournament as a team. Battles are one on one, but if a trainer on one side loses all their Pokemon, a member from their Team takes their place. Once all trainers on one side are defeated, they are eliminated.

Professional Pokémon Coordinator

A Professional Pokémon Coordinator is someone that does Pokémon Contests for a living. Like Coordinators, Professionals also collect Ribbons and once a Coordinator collects five ribbons they can enter the Grand Pokémon Festival.

Known professional coordinators

Former professional coordinators

Professional Pokémon Performer

A Professional Pokémon Performer is someone that does Pokémon Showcases for a living. Similar to Performers, the Professional Performer collects Keys and once they have four they can compete in the Grand Pokémon Showcase.

Known professional performers

Former professional performers

Professional Pokémon Trainer

A Professional Pokémon Trainer is someone that does Pokémon Battles for a living. Professional Trainers enter a circuit called the Professional Pokémon League where their agent set them up with another trainer to battle, normally in a Full Battle. There are many Pro Leagues set during they year.

Known professional trainers


  • Professional Trainers, Performers and Coordinators were inspired by the Professional Duelists in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchise.


  1. Used Japanese name as last name
  2. Used random last name
  3. Used random last name
  4. Used Japanese name as last name
  5. Used Japanese name as last name

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