Journey Through the Regions is a story staring Kylie Farren on her Pokémon Journey and meeting new friends and allies.


Arc 1: Kanto

It’s the day for new trainer Kylie Farren to finally start her Pokémon Journey! Four years after her father's sudden disappearance while on a "mission", she's going to find out where he went! Joining her is her best friend Bailey Ketchum, her partner Eevee and Bailey's Ralts and they'll take the Kalos League and see what happened to Kylie's father, Dallas Farren.

Arc 1B: Orange Islands

Arc 2: Johto

Arc 3: Hoenn

Arc 3B: Kanto Battle Frontier

Arc 4: Sinnoh

Arc 5: Unova

Arc 6: Kalos

Arc 7: Kalos

Arc 8: Alola

Arc 9: Amara


Kanto Arc


  • Journey Through the Regions will be one full story that has every region, plus the fan region, Amara, in it.

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