Personal data
Nicknames Josh
Age 29
Gender Male
Trainer class Butler
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Hau'oli City, Alola
Residence Hau'oli City, Alola
Hair color Black, brown
Eye color Silver
Skin color Tanned
Height 6'2"
Relatives Unknown
Friends Dana White, Caleb Montgomery
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Journey Through the Regions
Joshua is the family butler of Callan and Olivia-Rose White and their daughter Dana White. He is first mentioned in Kanto 6: The Lighthouse and is later seen via video Phone on the Poképhone.

Physical appearance

Joshua is a young middle-aged man with shoulder-length shaggy black and brown hair and silver eyes. He normally wears a butler uniform but after leaving the White's mansion and moving into Dana's two-bedroom cabin, he started to wear more casual clothing.


Joshua is kind, friendly, and understanding man. He has an older brother vibe that Dana loves. At first, he was rather annoyed with Dana's snotty personality but after he watched her take care of an injured Vulpix, he began to notice a change, a good change within her.

He got less annoyed with Dana and the two eventually formed a brother-sister-bond.


Rockruff is Joshua's only known Pokémon. It is first seen in the Video Feature on the Poképhone sitting beside Joshua while he is talking to Dana.

None of Rockruff's moves are known.


Prior to the series

Joshua is the White family butler and has been with them for nine years, having started the job when he was 20. For a while, he was annoyed with all the Whites but did his job.

He was very surprised when he came home after doing errands to find Dana trying to nurse an ill Alolan Vulpix back to health. At Dana's asking, he eventually told her how she acted to others and why the Vulpix was probably not willing to take her help. The story was all Dana needed to change.

Joshua helped Dana in nursing the Vulpix to health. When it came time for Vulpix to be set free, Joshua was happy to learn that Vulpix didn't want to leave and Dana didn't want her friend to leave. Of course, that set off the arguments between Dana and her parents. Eventually, her parents disowned her but Joshua was able to convince her parents in building a house for Dana, to which Joshua moved in with her to help her with anything she needed. The time the two spent together had Joshua become the brother Dana never had.

When it was time for her to begin her journey, Joshua suggested that she head to the Kalos region, where there would be Pokémon she'd never seen before, and she'd be away from her parents even more.

While Dana is off traveling, Joshua remains in Alola where he takes care of the house and does normal tournaments on the island.


  • Joshua is based of Hobbes, Lillie's family's butler.