Jayda Summers is a Master Fire-type Trainer and a member of the Amara Elite Four. Unknown to most, Jayda is working undercover within the Elite Four tying to figure something out. 

Physical appearance

Jayda is a young woman, the youngest of the Amara Elite Four, with long brown hair and bright green eyes.


Jayda is a friendly young woman with a love of Pokemon. She cares greatly for them. and treats them as her family.


Fennekin → Braixen → Delphox
Main article: Jayda's Delphox

Delphox is Jayda's main Pokémon, having had her since a little Fennekin. The two are very close..

  • Jayda has at least 5 other Pokemon.


Prior to the series

It is unknown where Jayda was originally from but at some point in time, she traveled to the Amara region with her Fennekin.

Amara Arc



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