Isis Riverdale is the Champion of the Amara region's Elite Four. Unlike the Champions of the other regions, Isis specializes with Dragon-types.

Isis has a younger brother, but the two are estranged for some unknown reason.


Isis stands roughly around the same height as former Sinnoh Champion, Cynthia. She has long pale pink hair, with blue eyes, her left eye being hidden. Her normal outfit is a pale creamy sleeveless top under a black jacket, matching knee-length skirt and heels.


Not much is known about Isis' personality.



Altaria ↔ Mega Altaria
Main article: Isis's Altaria

Altaria is Isis's only known Pokémon. Altaria is Isis's main battling Pokémon and her ace.

  • She has at least 5 other Pokémon.


Isis' history before becoming Champion is unknown.


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Isis Riverdale

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