Faith Moran
Personal data
Alias The Queen of Darkness
Age 23
Gender Female
Trainer class Gym Leader
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Ombre City, Amara
Hair color Brown
Eye color Amber
Skin color Average
Height 5"5'
Relatives Unnamed grandmother
Friends Jayda Summers
Gym/League Information
Gym Ombre Gym
Badge Shadow Badge
Specializes Dark-types
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Journey Through the Regions
Faith Moran is the gym leader of Ombre City's city gym, Ombre Gym. She is a specialist in Dark-types and is the best known Dark Type trainer in Amara.

Physical description

Faith is a young woman with long brown hair, with lighter brown streaks, held up in a high ponytail and dark amber eyes. Her skin is rather pale since she doesn't go out in the sun a lot. She is normally wearing black clothing. She wears her Mega Ring on a charm around her neck.


Faith is seen as a distant young woman. No knows why, but despite her distant personality, she loves a good battle and loves it when trainers give it they're all.

She is good friends with Elite Four Member Jayda Summers but doesn't reveal much on their friendship.



Main article: Faith's Houndoom

Houndoom is Faith's ace and most prized Pokemon. Houndoom is the last of Faith's Pokemon to battle, and also the hardest to defeat. They have a powerful bond which allows him to Mega Evolve. He is mostly seen outside his Pokeball walking beside Faith like a loyal canine.

Pangoro is one of Faith's Pokemon. She normally changes which order she uses her Pokemon in when in battle.

Pangoro's known moves are Hammer Arm, Tackle, Arm Thrust, Dark Pulse, Slash, Comet Punch, Parting Shot, Dragon Claw, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, and Shadow Claw.

Zoroark is one of Faith's Pokemon she uses in battle.

Zoroark's known moves are Night Shade, Night Slash, Scratch, Hone Claws, Feint Attack, Agility, Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Double Team, Shadow Claw, and Focus Blast

Tyranitar is one of Faith's Pokemon she uses.

Tyranitar's known moves are Thunder Fang, Bite, Leer, Sandstorm, Rock Slide, Dark Pulse, Crunch, Stone Edge, Dark Pulse, Hyper Beam, Dragon Claw, Ice Beam and Thunderbolt

Hydreigon is one of Faith's Pokemon she uses.

Hydreigon's known moves are Tri Attack, Dragon Race, Bite, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Double Team, Flamethrower, Focus blast, Charge Beam and Giga Impact.

Weavile is one of Faith's Pokemon she uses.

Weavile's known moves are Ice Shard, Quick Attack, Icy Wind, Metal Claw, Fury Swipes, Hone Claws, Night Slash, Dark Pulse, Ice Beam and Shadow Ball


Faith was born and raised in the Amara Region in Ombre City. Her grandmother was the last Gym Leader and when she died, Faith took over. That was just 10 years ago, Faith was just 14 when she became Gym Leader. Despite becoming a Gym Leader at a young age, Faith proved herself to the League Officials and soon became one of the best Dark Type trainers in all of Amara. 

Faith is friends with Elite Four member Jayda Summers, but how they met, is unknown, as Faith doesn't reveal anything. 


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