Emma Skylark
Nicknames Em
Age 19
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Green
Relatives Unnamed parents
Trainer class Agent, Trainer
Member of Team Rocket
Team Rank Agent
Partner Logan West
Episode debut First Catches

Emma Skylark is a member of Team Rocket and her partner is Logan West who is also her best friend.

Physical appearance

Emma is a slim and slender young teenage girl with green eyes. She has natural pale skin, and wears the black Team Rocket Uniform.


Emma is like any other Team Rocket, mean and wanting to impress the Boss. She does care for her Pokémon and worries about them. However, she has a nasty temper for not getting what she wants.


On hand



Prior to the series

Anything about Emma's past is unknown - not even Logan knows. The only ones that do know are the Boss and any higher ups. She was very shy at first but with Logan's help she was able to break out of her shell.


  • Emma was based off James.

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