Template:CharacterBox Dylan Maple is a 13-year-old Pokémon trainer from Petalburg City of the Hoenn region. He is the son of professional Pokemon Coordinators Drew and May Maple, the older brother of Lelia Maple, grandson of Norman and Caroline Maple and the nephew of Pokemon Trainer, Max Maple.

Physical appearance

While his sister takes after their mother, Dylan takes after both his parents. He has his father's dark green hair and his mother's blue eyes.


Between his parents, Dylan inherited most of May's personality: he is a kind, sweet and optimistic young boy. He also inherited May's appetite, which often cases Scarlett Montgomery to stare in shock and surprise when she watches him and Bailey Ketchum eat, as she also got her father's appetite.

He did inherit one thing from his father, and that is raising them to show their full potential. One thing that separates him from his father is that if his Pokémon are not giving it their all, he will not scold them. He will calmly tell them it's not their fault, and will add in praises for the good job they did.

Like May, Dylan enjoys making Pokéblock. Any time he can he will make new Pokéblock and have his Pokémon taste it. Thanks to May, Dylan has his secret Pokéblock that his Pokémon seem to love.

However, deep down, Dylan is unsure what he wants to be Coordinator or do gym battles. He wants to make his family proud but isn't sure what to do. He enjoys doing both having watched his parents and helped his grandfather in the gym. He hasn't told anyone of this fear as he's afraid he'll let them down. The only one that does know, but he is unaware, is his sister.


On hand

As a beginner trainer, Dylan has only his Skitty.



Dylan was born in Petalburg City of the Hoenn region to Drew and May Maple and is the older brother to Leila by 4 years. Since his mother's father was a gym leader, Dylan has always been around Pokémon. His first was a Skitty that came from an egg laid by his mother's Delcatty. Since he was small, Dylan has watched his parents contests and his grandfather's gym battles. But he could never decide what road to take: Coordinator or Trainer. He keeps this to himself but often talks to his mother's Pokémon about his issue, totally unaware that his sister usually hears him.

Hoenn Arc

Dylan is set to appear in Hoenn 2: Littleroot Town, where he runs into Aeryn McKnight and Bailey Ketchum who are rushing to Professor Birch's place in hopes he can help Aeryn's Luxray who was injured in a Pokémon battle.


  • Dylan's Pokephone is blue with green trimming.