Danny Delgado is a Pokémon Rancher that lives next door to Kara Winston in Ranchers Valley. He is an arrogant, stuck-up, and rude trainer who will go to great lengths of winning a race, even if it involves cheating. He and his Zebstrika wanted to beat Kara Winston in a Pokémon race, at any cost. He hired Logan West and Vera Skylark to break her arm, thinking she wouldn't be able to enter. However, he didn't count on Scarlett Montgomery entering the race for Kara and riding her Ponyta.

With the help of Logan and Vera, Danny soon went into the lead. They were successfully able to knock out a Tauros, Nidorina, and an Electrode. They also nearly knocked out Scarlett and Kara's Ponyta.

It looked as though Danny was about to win the race, but out of nowhere, Scarlett emerged and caught up to him. Danny had his Zebstrika use Spark on Ponyta, but it only delayed the Pokémon temporarily. It then evolved into Rapidash and defeated Danny by just a few centimeters.


Danny's Zebstrika's only appearance was in Kalos: The Pokemon Race', where it first appeared when it wanted to win the Pokémon Race with its trainer Danny. The day of the race had arrived and Danny was riding with his Zebstrika, riding in first for most of the race. Suddenly Scarlett and Ponyta caught up, Danny tries to put Ponyta off balance with a Spark but suddenly Ponyta evolves into a Rapidash and wins the race sending Zebstrika flying with a Fire Blast.

Zebstrika's only known move is Spark.


  • Danny was based off Dario like Kara being based off Lara.