Dana's Ninetales
Dana's Ninetales
Debuts in Unknown
Caught at Hau'oli City, Alola
Gender Female
Ability Snow Cloak
Current location With Dana
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Dana's Ninetales is Dana White's only known Pokémon, who she took care of after finding injured near her home. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. White, tried to take Ninetales away in hopes of Dana to return back to her spoiled and snotty way, sadly, it didn't work.

Ninetales is the mate to Caleb's Charizard.


Prior to the series

Ninetales was found by a young Dana as a Vulpix injured near her home in Hau'oli City of the Alola region. Vulpix managed to change Dana from being snotty and spoiled to nice and caring and making sure others are doing OK. Vulpix liked the change, while Dana's parents did not. Vulpix defended Dana from her parents and despite Dana getting disowned, she still lived on her property but in a house that her parents had built.

Vulpix went with Dana when she turned 13 and traveled to the Kalos region and then met Caleb Montgomery who helped them capture a Scatterbug. They took Caleb's invite to travel with him and his Charmander. Eventually, Dana evolved Vulpix into Ninetales.

Kalos Saga

It is unknown when Ninetales is set to appear, but in Kalos 1: Starting Journey, she is mentioned by Scarlett Montgomery when she tells Bailey Ketchum about getting her Vulpix, as being the offspring of Dana's Ninetales.

Personality and characteristics

Ninetales is very intelligent, calm, cool and collected. She is also patient. Ninetales doesn't like Dana's parents at all and is very protective over Dana and will easily growl or use Powder Snow on them just to get them away from Dana.

Moves Used

Move First Used In
Ice Beam Unknown
Dazzling Gleam Unknown
Moonblast Unknown
Frost Breath Unknown
Powder Snow Unknown
Blizzard Unknown
Confuse Ray Unknown
Giga Impact Unknown
Double Team Unknown
Hyper Beam Unknown
Psyshock Unknown
Agility Unknown
Dark Pulse Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Ninetales was originally another Pokémon.