Corrine Jennings (born as "Corrine Walker") is the mother of Carter and Gabriel Jennings (who she has legally adopted from being her step-son) and the wife of Professional Trainer Bradley Jennings. She is also the fraternal twin sister of Ailey Walker, the aunt of Caleb and Scarlett Montgomery, and therefore the sister-in-law of Dallas Montgomery.

Corrine is a former Coordinator, but constantly does classes to help future ones and is often traveling throughout Kalos. She is always seen with her male Meowstic.


Corrine is a beautiful middle aged woman with dark brown hair and matching eyes.


Corrine is kind and caring and very loving. Family is important to her as she and here sister were usually left with nannies and not their own parents. She worries over her family ever since her sister went missing.

She cares very much for her sons, Gabriel especially due to his depression. She doesn't force him to do anything he doesn't want. She and Gabriel are very close since Corrine was there when Gabriel's depression first showed up, way before she even married Gabriel's father.

Corrine had no problem with Ailey coming a professor, in fact, it was her that convinced Ailey to go for it since Ailey had a knock for remembering things on Pokemon.


Espurr → Meowstic
Main article: Corrine's Meowstic

Corrine's Meowstic is her only known Pokémon. Having raised since he was an Espurr alongside her own sister's Espurr.

Meowstic is typically seen riding on Corrine's shoulder or next to her.


Corrine was born in Anistar City and is the older sister of Ailey Walker. The two grew up doing everything together. When it was time to begin their journeys, Corrine was ready to go but knew her sister was hesitant since she didn't know what she wanted to be. It wasn't until they saw the temples of Unova's Legendary Pokémon Zekrom and Reshiram, did Ailey start to work to becoming a Pokémon Professor. Corrine convinced Ailey to go for her dreams and that she would be alright by herself. While Ailey returned to Kalos, Corrine continued on her journey.

The two sisters reunited when Corrine won the Kanto Grand Festival. And was shocked to return home to see her sister with a boyfriend, a trainer named Dallas. Corrine eventually met a trainer named Bradley Jennings who was picking something for his son. Corrine didn't even care that Bradley had a son. After a few months of friendship the two began to date. Of course, before dating Corrine met Bradley's son Gabriel and Corrine surprisingly bonded right away with the little boy.


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