Caleb McKnight
Age 19
Gender Male
Hair color Pale blonde
Eye color Pale light blue
Hometown Lumiose City
Region Kalos
Relatives Aeryn McKnight (younger sister)
Dallas McKnight (father)
Lillian Ryans (estranged mother)
Trainer class Trainer
Episode debut Kanto and Beyond!

Caleb McKnight is a Pokémon Trainer from Lumiose City of the Kalos Region. He is the son and oldest child of Dallas McKnight and Lillian Ryans, and the older brother of Aeryn McKnight. He is also the boyfriend of Dana White. Just months after his sixth birthday, his parents divorced after his father found his mother cheating on him, and later taking all his hard-earned money.

Days before his thirteenth birthday, Dallas gave Caleb a young Charmander, his first Pokémon. Just two years into his journey, he had to end it as his father went missing on a mission forcing him to return home and raise his sister. He didn't mind at all as to him, Aeryn is the most important thing in his world.

Physical appearance

Like Aeryn, Caleb inherited his looks from his father, having his pale blonde hair, but in a shaggy shoulder-length form, pale light blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin. He normally wears a long-sleeved, hooded brown jacket over a dark gray t-shirt, dark jeans, and a pair of sneakers. He also wears a white belt with his Pokéballs attached to it.


Caleb is very mature, making Aeryn his top priority. He does everything he can for Aeryn even if she doesn't want it, but she understands. He is very close to Aeryn since he helped his dad raise Aeryn since their mother's betrayal. He is highly protective over Aeryn and has a somewhat short temper, but it isn't bad, it only goes off if someone annoys him to great measures or if someone pisses him off or even hurts Aeryn.

Like his sister, Caleb loves Pokémon and hates to see one being treated poorly. He praises his Pokémon when they do an excellent job and helps them train to get stronger.


Prior to having to end his journey early, Caleb was able to catch quite a number of Pokémon which he used in both the Indigo League and Kalos League. Following, Aeryn's journey, Caleb makes the choice to return to his own journey and head ot the Sinnoh region.

On hand

Charizard ↔ Mega Charizard X
Eevee → Leafeon

With the Ketchums

Deciding to head to Sinnoh, the Ketchum family were kind enough to let Caleb leave some of his Pokémon on their land.

Meowth → Persian
Helioptile → Heliolisk
Litleo → Pyroar


Prior to the series

Caleb was born and raised in the Kalos Region to Dallas McKnight (known to the world as Dallas Ryans, the Pokémon Hunter) and Lillian Ryans and the older brother of Aeryn McKnight (by six years).

Caleb's parents divorced just months after his sixth birthday. Caleb helped his father raised Aeryn and always reminded her to keep away from Lillian, and to never talk or look at her. When Dallas was forced to take extreme measures in earning money, Caleb–though he didn't like it–convinced his father that it was the only way to earn some money. Caleb knew that the job of a Pokémon Hunter was scary, anything could happen.

On his thirteenth birthday, he and Charmander began their journey together, where Charmander would evolve into Charmeleon and then into Charizard by the end of his Kalos journey. Charmander helped Caleb catch a female Eevee as his first capture, who would then evolve into a Leafeon. Two years into his journey, and having just won the Indigo League, Caleb had to end it as his father went missing on a mission, and he had to raised Aeryn–which he did not mind one bit. He was upset about ending his journey short, but he knew Aeryn was more important. Plus, he could always go out and travel when Aeryn began her own journey. So, he turned from the Kanto League (having finished the League first and winning), and returned home. As he raised Aeryn, he did notice her mentioning that he didn't have to stop his journey as she could always stay with one of their father's non-Pokémon Hunter friends, or even Bailey Ketchum and her family. But he would tell her (and still does) that it doesn't matter, it was his job to take care of her.

Sadly, just a few months in, Caleb and Aeryn started to have money issues. Aeryn had to be pull out of Pokémon School as the cost for her to attend was getting to be way too much. Despite his protests, Aeryn told Ash and Serena about their problems, and the Ketchums helped Aeryn and Caleb out. The McKnight house ended up being sold and the siblings moved in with the Ketchums. Aeryn continued to go to Pokémon School with Bailey (her attendance was being paid for by Ash and Serena), while Caleb begun to work on earning some money (he agreed to let them stay with the Ketchums but only if he paid for their staying).

Eventually, Caleb saved enough money to buy them a little apartment near the Ketchums. Aeryn and her brother moved out, but she continued to go over to Bailey's house, especially when Caleb (who became a professional trainer to earn money) had a battle to go to and couldn't take Aeryn.


Caleb makes his debut in Kanto 1: Kanto and Beyond where he is seen making breakfast for Aeryn. He later watches her run out of the house, towards Professor Sycamore's.


Badges obtained

Kalos Badges

Below is a list of Badges Caleb has won in the Kalos Region:

  • 8 Kalos Badges

Kanto Badges

Below is a list of Badges Caleb has won in the Kanto Region:

  • 8 Kanto Badges

Pokémon League ranking

  • Lumiose Conference – Top 4
  • Indigo Plateau Conference – Winner


  • Caleb's Pokephone is black with red flames.


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