Caleb's Lycanroc
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Caleb's Lycanroc
Debuts in Starting Journey!
Caught at Unknown
Gender Female
Ability Sand Rush
Current location With Caleb
This Pokémon is fully evolved.

Caleb's Lycanroc is one of Caleb's Pokémon. Lycanroc originally belonged to his father, Dallas Montgomery, who gave him Lycanroc when Caleb began his journey.


Prior to the series

Lycanroc was one of Dallas's very first Pokémon the other being his Incineroar, who he's had since a small Litten and since she was a small Rockruff. Lycanroc was with Dallas during his early years and continued after the birth of his children and disappearance of his wife. Lycanroc helped Dallas raise both his children and watched them when he had to leave the house.

When Caleb turned thirteen, Dallas gave Lycanroc to his son as the Wolf Pokémon was missing the life of travel and battling.

Kalos Arc

Personality and characteristics

Compared to her species, Lycanroc is very different: she enjoys a good battle, and doesn't like being alone - due to something in her past. She is also calm, and serious. When it comes to battles she's never giving up. She is very protective of her loved ones, especially Kayla and Caleb.

Moves used

Move First Used In
Accelerock Unknown
Rock Throw Unknown
Stone Edge Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently.


  • Lycanroc was originally going to be a Charizard.

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