Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Debuts in Pokémon Trials - Episode 1
Caught at New Bark Town
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Nature Unknown
Current location With Malia
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Blazar (ブラザル Burazaru) is Malia's first Pokémon. Malia received him from Professor Elm. Blazar usually remains outside his Pokéball riding on Malia's shoulder or being carried by her.


Blazar is a calming factor to Malia when she gets upset - which is a lot. He has a distinct way to help calm her down, even though they just got together. He cares very much for Malia and loves being groomed by her. Blazar will no doubt jump in front of something to protect Malia. When it involves Malia's other Pokémon, Blazar acts like the big brother and leader. However, there are times when Blazar can be shy, especially meeting new people.


Blazar's past before going to Professor Elm is largely unknown. A few days after arriving at Elms', new Trainer Malia Hunter arrived to pick her first Pokémon. The Chikorita and Totodile both tried to get Malia's attention, but thankfully, luck was on Blazar's side and he was chosen by Malia. Blazar then joined Malia as her first Pokémon and goes with her as he heads to Kalos to find her mother.

Known moves

Move First Used In
Ember Pokémon Trials - Episode 1
Flame Wheel Pokémon Trials - Episode 1
Smokescreen Pokémon Trials - Episode 1
Swift Pokémon Trials - Episode 1
Tackle Pokémon Trials - Episode 1
Quick-Attack Pokémon Trials - Episode 1
A shows that the move was used recently unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.


  • Blazar was named after the compact quasar in space of the same name.