Bailey Ketchum is a 13-year-old Pokémon Trainer from Lumiose City of the Kalos Region. She is the only daughter and eldest child of Ash and Serena Ketchum and the older sister of Zachary Ketchum. Her very first Pokémon is a male Ralts she met at Oak Labs while visiting Grandma Delia.


Bailey is a mixture of her parents, inheriting her mother's blonde hair and her father's brown eyes. After an accident involving some honey when she was younger, Bailey opts to keep her hair shoulder-length, just like her mother did on her journey. She keeps her bangs trimmed so they are just like Serena's.

Bailey wears an above-the-waist dark purple and silver, short-sleeve zipper hoodie over pale tan-colored sleeveless shirt, a blue skirt, black leggings and brown boots like her mother wore. She also wears a charm bracelet that has her Pokéballs and her father's signature hat. Her Poképhone is usually kept in her backpack.


Like her parents, Bailey is a young girl with a love with Pokémon. Like her parents, she has a sense of justice and will do anything to help a Pokémon in need. She loves battling but also performing for others, which causes her to have issues with deciding what she wants to do. She wants to make both her parents proud of her, but still can't decide.

Bailey does have some traits she picked up from her parents. From her mother, she picked up her cooking and taste in fashion. From her father, her love for Pokémon and Pokémon Battles. But, unlike her father though, she doesn't rush into things, Bailey takes the time to plan things. She doesn't like rushing into things.


On hand



Prior to the series

Bailey is the only daughter of Ash and Serena and the older sister of Zachary, who is five years younger than her. She was born in Pallet Town when her parents were visiting her paternal grandmother. Bailey grew up in Lumiose City but every summer, she and her parents would travel to Pallet Town to see Grandma Delia and spend time at Professor Oak's Lab playing with all the Pokémon there, and also spending time with her god-father, Gary Oak, who took over his father's place as the Pokémon Professor of Pallet Town.

Bailey is best friends with Scarlett Montgomery a girl she met at Day care. The two girls became best friends and pretty soon Scarlett started hanging out at Bailey's house since her brother was on his journey and her father was off trying to find her missing mother.


  • Bailey is a main character and was originally a minor main character.
  • Bailey wasn't going to appear in Journey Through the Regions, but the idea of having the original gang having kids appear became interesting.
  • Bailey's backpack is a yellow version of her mother's backpack from her journey.
  • Bailey's Poképhone is dark red and pink.

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