The Amara League is the regional Pokémon League of the Amara region. Unlike the other regions, the Amara region consists of 10 gyms, but still has the normal size Elite Four.

In the Amara region, trainers are required to gain all 10 badges in order to enter the Amara League, failure to gain all 10 will not allow them to enter the Inlustris Castle Conference.

Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Location Type Badge
Faith Moran Ombre City Dark Shadow Badge
Slate Oryx Argyris Town Steel Iron Badge
Nova Anguis Stheno City Poison Poison Badge
Rai Veton Fulmine City Electric Lightning Badge
Luna Leonardo Titania City Fairy Moon Badge
Sora Gale Tempesta City Flying Tornado Badge
Valon Prince Arachne City Bug Beetle Badge
Addison Rhodes Dragon Temple Dragon Dragon Badge
Aidan and Hestia Michelson Vulcan City Fire Fireball Badge
Princess Alyssa Eirlys Nieve City Ice Snowflake Badge

Elite Four

Elite Four Member Type
Tiffany Percival Normal
Keira Greeves Grass
Cirrus Cloud Flying
Jayda Summers Fire
Isis Riverdale Dragon