Region Information
Professor Professor Irene Redwood
Starter Pokémon Unnamed Grass-type
Unnamed Water-type
Unnamed Fire-type
Regional Villains Team NightShade
Pokémon League Amara League
League Location Inlustris Castle

Amara is a region of the Pokémon world. It is the main setting of Journey Through the Regions: Amara.

Etymology and design concept


Amara is Latin for beloved.

Design concept

Amara is designed after Italy and Greece.


Cities, routes, and other locations


Cities and towns

Name of City/Town Description
Newport City The starting point for every new Trainer in the Amara region
Ombre City Home of the Ombre City Gym.
Argyris City Home of the Argyris City Museum Gym.
Stheno City Home of the Stheno City Gym.
Fulmine City Home of the Fulmine City Factory Gym.
Titania City Home of the Titania City Theater Gym
Tempesta City Home of the Tempesta City Skywalk Gym
Arachne City Home of the Arachne City Garden Gym
Dragon Temple Home of the Dragon Temple Gym
Vulcan City Home of the Vulcan City Gym.
Nieve City Home of the Nieve City Castle and the Eirlys Royal Family of Amara.
Amber Beach Town One of the towns closest to the ocean. Home of the Amber Beach Museum.


Amara League

Main article: Amara League

The Amara League is the regional Pokémon League of the Amara region. Unlike the other Pokémon Leagues, the Amara requires a trainer to obtain 10 badges. Once a trainer gets 10, they are able to enter the Amara League.

Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Location Gym Name Type Badge
Faith Moran Ombre City Ombre Gym Dark Shadow Badge
Slate Oryx Argyris Town Argyris Museum Steel Iron Badge
Nova Anguis Stheno City Stheno Tower Poison Poison Badge
Rai Veton Fulmine City Fulmine Factory Electric Lightning Badge
Luna Leonardo Titania City Titania Theater Fairy Moon Badge
Sora Gale Tempesta City Tempesta Skywalk Flying Tornado Badge
Valon Prince Arachne City Arachne Garden Bug Beetle Badge
Addison Rhodes Dragon Temple Dragon Temple Gym Dragon Dragon Badge
Aidan and Hestia Michelson Vulcan City Vulcan Gym Fire Fireball Badge
Princess Alyssa Eirlys Nieve City Nieve Castle Ice Snowflake Badge

Elite Four and Champion

Elite Four Name Type Ace Pokemon
Tiffany Percival Template:Normal Lopunny ↔ Mega Lopunny
Keira Greeves Template:Grass Abomasnow ↔ Mega Abomasnow
Cirrus Cloud Template:Flying Pidgeot ↔ Mega Pidgeot
Jayda Summers Template:Fire Delphox
Isis Riverdale Template:Dragon Altaria ↔ Mega Altaria


  • Amara is the only Region to have a Dark Type Gym.
  • Amara is the only region to have an all-female Elite Four plus Champion.
  • Arachne is named after the Greek Myth of the same name.
  • Argyris is a variant spelling of the Greek name Argyros, meaning "silvery."
  • Jayda is the only Elite Four Member who does not have a Pokemon that can Mega Evolve.
  • Rai is short for Raiden, which is a Japanese myth name of a god of thunder, meaning "thunder and lightning."
  • Veton is an Albanian name derived from the word vetetime, meaning "lightning."