Alix, also known as the Ice Queen, is the Gym Leader of Mahogany Town's Gym, known officially as the Mahogany Gym. The granddaughter of former leader, Pryce, Alix is an Ice-type specialist who gives the Glacier Badge to Trainers who defeat her.

Physical appearance

Alix is a young woman with pale blue hair tied up in a bun-braid with the braid resting on her shoulder and brown eyes. She wears a long-sleeve pale blue shirt with a white jacket, blue jeans and white boots.


Despite using Ice types, Alix is not cold at all. She is a kind young woman with a love of Pokémon. When in battles, Alix gives it her all and loves when her opponents give it their all as well. Despite most of her Pokemon her being weak against Fire-types, Alix does not let it get to her. Some times, she has been able to defeat Fire-types with her Ice-types.


Shellder → Cloyster
Cloyster is the first Pokémon Alix uses in her battles.

Cloyster's known moves are Shell Smash, Withdraw, Toxic Spikes, Spike Cannon, Spikes and Icicle Crash.

Snorunt → Glalie
Glalie is the second Pokémon Alix uses in her battles.

Glalie's known moves are Ice Beam, Double Team, Leer, Headbutt, Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Gyro Ball, and Shadow Ball. His ability is Inner Focus.

Spheal → Sealeo → Walrein
Walrein is the third Pokémon Alix uses in her battles.

Walrein's known moves are Ice Fang, Powder Snow, Water Gun, Ice Ball, Hail, Rest, Ice Beam, and Water Pulse. His Ability is Thick Fat.

Main article: Poseidon

Empoleon is Alix's very first Pokémon and her last Pokémon used in her four on four battle.

Looks After

Pyrce's Piloswine
Pyrce's Piloswine is still around even after the passing of Pyrce. Alix cares greatly for Piloswine and while she doesn't like to use it in battle, she will use it if she really needs to. Piloswine watches all of Alix's gym battles.


Alix is the granddaughter of Pryce, the former Gym Leader of Mahogany Town. She grew up loving Ice types and vowed to be the next gym leader. Her very first Pokémon was a Piplup, who eventually evolved into Prinplup and then Empoleon.



  • Alix shares the same name with Miraculous Ladybug character Alix Kubdel

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