Alexandra Adrien


Alexandra Adrien owner of a Pokémon Daycare just outside of Cerulean City. The daycare is part of her Parents Egg Nursery. Unlike most other day-cares, hers is sort of lie an orphanage where she will take any unwanted or even abused Pokémon, heal them, raise them and later help them get adopted by families or trainers. Though if a Pokémon does not wish to get adopted, she will let them stay at the day care. The size of her daycare is like a ranch, requiring her to use her Rapidash to as transportation. Alexandra cares for each and every one of the Pokémon that are brought to the Orphanage. She doesn't care for Pokémon Hunters and hates them or anyone who hurts Pokémon just for the fun of it.

Alexandra makes her debut in The Pokémon Ranch.


On Hand

Egg → Meowth → Persian
Persian is Alexandra's main Pokémon and is always seen outside her Pokéball. Persian helps Alexandra with her chores at the Pokémon Ranch and is protective of all the baby Pokémon, especially a little Eevee. During the time that Arielle and her friends are at the Orphanage, Persian teaches both Nova's Meowth and Reina's Meowth the moves Icy Wind and Shadow Claw.

Persian's known moves are Hyper Beam, Power Gem, Shadow Claw, Icy Wind and Thunderbolt.

Pikachu (x2)
Alexandra has 2 Pikachu who she uses to protect the Ranch from Hunters and Poachers. Pikachu is very serious about hisjob and don't take to trespassers lightly.

Pikachu's known moves are Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Shock, Electro Ball and Volt Tackle.

Ponyta → Rapidash
Rapidash serves as Alexandra's mount/steed getting to places on the Ranch very fast. Alexandra relies on Rapidash's speed to get her to every part of the ranch to check on everything. Alexandra has had Rapidash since he was a Pontya having taken him in when he was left behind from his herd due to being smaller.

Rapidash's Known moves are Quick Attack and Flame Charge.

On the Ranch

Tauros (multiple)
Alexandra's ranch is the home to many, many Tauros since her parents part own the ranch, with their part being a Tauros Ranch.

None of Tauros' moves are known.

Takes Care Of

Teddiursa is one of the Pokémon that Alexandra takes care of. Teddiursa has been at the Pokémon Ranch the longest, around three years. He is also the main bully to all the new Pokémon that are brought to the Ranch.

Teddiursa's only known move is Slash.

Elekid is one of the Pokémon that Alexandra takes care of. After Teddiursa, Elekid is has been there at the Orphanage the second longest, two years. Along with Teddiursa, who is his best friend, Elekid is also the main bully to all the new Pokémon that are brought to the Ranch.

Elekid's known moves are Thunder and Thunder Shock.

Togepi is one of the Pokemon that reside at the Pokemon Ranch.
Egg → Bunnelby (multiple)
There are a multiple of Bunnelby that reside on her ranch. All hatching from eggs around the same time as well.
Helioptile is one of the Pokemon that reside at the Pokemon Ranch.

Given Away

Main article: Nova's Eevee

Eevee was the newest member at the Orphanage having only been there for a few months right when Nova Croft and Reina Yuki came to the Ranch. Eevee was very shy, and often kept to herself. She came from an abusive little boy who did nothing but hit her. The only one able to get to close enough was Alexandra's Persian. After meeting Nova, both Persian and Alexandra saw how comfortable Eevee was around Nova.

  • There are many more Pokémon at the Ranch.

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