Alessandra ferrari
Personal data
Nicknames Alessa
Age 38
Gender Female
Trainer class Coordinator (formerly)
Morality Good
Living status Alive
Additional info
Place of origin Unova
Residence Littleroot Town, Hoenn
Hair color Navy blue
Eye color Light amber
Skin color Average
Relatives Ginevra Ferrari (daughter)
Production notes
Created by ShadowSpirit020
Appearances Quest for the Past: Hoenn
Alessandra "Alessa" Ferrari is a minor character in the Quest for the Past series. She is a former trainer and Coordinator, having started as a trainer as there were no contests in Unova and the mother of Ginevra "Ginny" Ferrari.

Once she finished the Unova league, she headed to the Hoenn region. There, she learned about Contests, and quickly adapted to the change and later fell in love with Contests. She competed in the Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh contests and Grand Festivals, but never won a Grand Festival. Despite never winning, she was fine with it and eventually retired. Happy, she was able to do what she wanted. She eventually became the mother of a little girl she named Ginvera.


Purrloin → Liepard
Main article: Alessandra's Liepard

Liepard is Alessandra's main Pokémon as a trainer and later Coordinator. He traveled with Alessandra during her time as a trainer. Coming to Hoenn, Liepard quickly became attached to Pokémon Contests, which helped Alessandra find her calling. After Alessandra retired from her career, Liepard became the family pet.

Venipede → Whirlipede → Scolipede
Scolipede is Alessandra's second known Pokémon. Scolipede was used the most alongside Liepard during Contests. As the only female of Alessandra's team, she got the hang really fast.

Scolipede's known moves are Iron Defense, Poison Stin, Venoshock, Poison Tail, Double-Edge, Megahorn, Rock Climb, and Protect.

  • Alessandra had at least 4 other Pokémon since she competed in the Unova League


Badges obtained

This listing is of the Badges Alessandra has obtained:

  • At least eight Unova Badges

Pokémon League

Alessandra has competed in the following Pokémon League Conferences:

  • Vertress Conference - Unknown Placing

Ribbons obtained

  • At least 5 ribbons (Kanto)
  • At least 5 ribbons (Hoenn)
  • At least 5 ribbons (Sinnoh)

Grand Festival ranking

  • Kanto Grand Festival - Top 4
  • Hoenn Grand Festival - Runner-Up
  • Sinnoh Grand Festival - Unknown placing


  • Alessandra is of Italian descendant.
  • Alessandra was very much inspired by Johanna from Diamond and Pearl.