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Aeryn McKnight
Age 13 (recently turned)
Gender Female
Hair color Pale blonde
Eye color Pale light blue
Relatives Caleb McKnight (older brother)
Dallas McKnight (father)
Lillian Ryans (estranged mother)
Trainer class Trainer
Episode debut Kanto and Beyond!

Aeryn McKnight is a 13-year-old Pokémon Trainer from Lumiose City of the Kalos Region . She is the only daughter and youngest child of Dallas McKnight and Lillian Ryans, the younger sister of Caleb McKnight. When she was eight-years-old, Dallas gifted Aeryn with a Eevee he had found following him one day after he had finished a mission. It took a bit of time for him to capture the Restraint Pokémon, but once he could, he gave the little Pokémon to Aeryn as a gift.

When she was nine, Dallas went missing, forcing Caleb to end his journey early (not that he minded) so he could take care of Aeryn. Months later, Caleb and Aeryn ended up having money issues which had them move in with Aeryn's best friend Bailey Ketchum and her family and get help from them.

Four years later, Caleb was able to get things under control and even buy a small apartment for them near Bailey's house. And now, Aeryn is able to start her Pokémon Journey, along with her best friend Bailey.

Physical appearance

Aeryn is a medium-height young girl with mid-back-length pale blonde hair and pale light blue eyes, both of which she inherited from her father Dallas. She has lightly tanned skin and three piercings in her ears. She wears a long-sleeve red shirt with the sleeves almost going to her fingertips, a pair of blue jeans and brown calf-length boots. She wears a brown belt around her waist to hold her Pokéballs, and a silver locket around her neck with a picture of her with her Dallas and Caleb. She also wears a pair of fingerless black gloves. She keeps her Poképhone either clipped to her belt in a case or in her backpack.


Aeryn is a friendly, and nice young trainer with a love for Pokémon. She doesn't really like making her friends, but puts up with it for Bailey, who loves making new friends. Aeryn is very close to her brother who practically raised her after their parents' divorce and Dallas having to find odd jobs to earn money. She is calm, kind, and patient when dealing with Pokémon who might have a problem with humans. She hates seeing any Pokémon in pain and especially hates to see one being treated poorly. She praises her Pokémon when they do an excellent job and helps them train to get stronger. She hates Pokémon Hunters - her father being an exception since he had to do it to earn money and later help the police - or anyone who wants to harm Pokémon with no good reason.

While she has a good and friendly personality, Aeryn can sometimes be very blunt, especially with a Trainer who thinks they think they know what they're doing when the really don't.

Aeryn gets worried and nervous when one of her Pokémon are poisoned or seriously hurt, as seen when Emma's Litleo uses Toxic and poisons Eevee[1].


On hand



Prior to the series

Aeryn was born and raised in Lumiose City of the Kalos Region to Dallas McKnight and Lillian Ryans and the younger sister of Caleb McKnight (who is six years older). Aeryn's parents divorced when she was still little, leaving her with no memory of her mother, to which her father wants to keep it that way. She was raised by her father and brother and so she has a close and strong bond with them. Because of her mother, Dallas was forced to take extreme measures in earning money: becoming a Pokémon Hunter. Both Scarlet and Caleb knew that their father didn't want to, but he had no choice. It was either that, or live in the streets, which he didn't want his own children going through.

At the age of five, Aeryn attended Lumiose City's Pokémon School--where children of all ages could learn about Pokémon and decide what path they would want to take. There, she met Bailey Ketchum and the two became close friends.

The next four years would be normal for Aeryn and Caleb, except when their father went missing on a mission. Caleb had to end his journey so he could take care of Aeryn, despite her saying that she could stay with Bailey and her family (Dallas had met Ash and Serena and trusted them should something happen to him, his children would be well taken care of). Caleb would always say, and still does, "It doesn't matter. With Dad gone, it's my job to take care of you.".

Sadly, just a few months in, Aeryn and her brother started to have money issues. Aeryn had to be pull out of Pokémon School as the cost for her to attend was getting to be way too much. Despite his protests, Aeryn told Ash and Serena about their problems, and the Ketchums helped Aeryn and Caleb out. The McKnight house ended up being sold and the siblings moved in with the Ketchums. Aeryn continued to go to Pokémon School with Bailey (her attendance was being paid for by Ash and Serena), while Caleb begun to work on earning some money (he agreed to let them stay with the Ketchums but only if he paid for their staying).

Eventually, Caleb saved enough money to buy them a little apartment near the Ketchums. Aeryn and her brother moved out, but she continued to go over to Bailey's house, especially when Caleb (who became a professional trainer to earn money) had a battle to go to and couldn't take Aeryn.

Kanto Arc

Aeryn makes her debut in Kanto 1: Kanto and Beyond, getting woken up by her Eevee using Tackle. She then races out taking Caleb's Charizard to the Airport. Upon arriving to the airport, she finds Bailey Ketchum and her Ralts.


Kanto Badges

This listing is of the badges Aeryn has obtained in the Kanto region:


  • Aeryn's Poképhone is red with a key chain that has a little Silvally on it, in memory of her father.


  1. Kanto 3: Battle of the Rock Types

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