Aeryn's Houndour
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Aeryn's Houndour
Debuts in The Shy Houndour!
Caught at Kanto Route 7
Gender Male[1]
Ability Unknown
Current location Kanto Route 7
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Aeryn's Houndour is Aeryn's third Pokémon that she catches during her travels in Kanto. He also her first Dark-type.


Prior to the series

Houndour was born into a Houndour Pack lead by two Houndoom. Houndour was the smallest of all the Houndour, and often lagged as they traveled. Thus, he was usually bullied by the other Houndour, which made him use Smog to escape.


Houndour is set to appear in Kanto 16: The Shy Houndour. While trying to find a Pokémon that could help her against Sabrina's Psychic-types, Aeryn and Bailey Ketchum made their way onto Kanto Route 7, where they spotted the Houndoom Pack.

With her dream to be a Dark Master, Aeryn was going to catch a Houndour and raise it into a strong Houndoom. However, as she looked at the pack, she got drawn to Houndour, who was just sitting on the side not doing anything. Luxio ran over, completely ignoring Aeryn and the rest of the Pack who started growling at the Spark Pokémon.

Aeryn was then shocked when she saw Furret protecting the Houndour when the other Houndour started to attack Houndour. Having seen enough, Aeryn quickly had Furret use Water Pulse and as the Dark Pokémon were distracted, she helped Houndour (who was originally afraid of her) and she, Furret and Houndour ran away from the pack.

Houndour was taken right to the Saffron City Pokémon Center to be healed. And to both Nurse Joy and Aeryn's shock, Furret refused to leave the Dark Pokémon. Once Houndour was healed, Aeryn tried to figure out why the other Houndour were attacking this one. She listened as Luxio had a conversation with the Dark Pokémon, and soon Aeryn learned the reason: Houndour was smaller and weaker than the others and lagged when they traveled. Aeryn brought out her Pokédex and was shocked to learn that Houndour only knew two mores: Smog and Ember.

When Aeryn had left the room, leaving Houndour with Luxio the Spark Pokémon asked Houndour if he wanted to get stronger, which the Dark Pokémon said yes to. Furret then suggested that Houndour join Aeryn. Houndour wasn't too up for the idea due to his fear of being bullied by Aeryn. Thankfully, Luxio got him to calm down and mention that Aeryn is kind, caring and loving and does whatever she can to help all Pokémon, including him.

Before Houndour could decide, Logan and Emma attacked the Pokémon Center, trying to steal Pokémon. Despite the lack of his moves, Houndour stood up and battled alongside Furret saving the Pokémon, even learning Flamethrower in the process.

Personality and characteristics

Due to the bullying and teasing he endured during his time in his pack, Houndour has very little confidence in himself and considers himself weak. He tries his very hardest ot make Aeryn proud of him, not aware that Aeryn is always proud of him.

Moves used

Move First Used In
Smog Kanto 16: The Shy Houndour!
Ember Kanto 16: The Shy Houndour!
Flamethrower Kanto 17: Rematch against Sabrina
A shows that the move was used recently.


  • Houndour was originally not going to be Aeryn's Pokémon that could Mega Evolve, it was originally going to be an Absol, but that was changed since Absol were not native to Kanto.
    • Houndour was chosen as on Bulbapedia, it showed Houndour located on Kanto Route 7.


  1. Confirmed in The Shy Houndour!

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