Aeryn's Eevee
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Aeryn's Eevee
Debuts in Kanto and Beyond!
Caught at Unknown
Gender Female
Ability Unknown
Current location With Aeryn
This Pokémon has not evolved.

Aeryn's Eevee is Aeryn McKnight's very first Pokémon, who she got as a gift just months before her father, Dallas McKnight, went missing on a mission. Most times, Eevee is seen outside her Pokéball, but if needs be, Aeryn will return her to the safety of her Pokéball.


Much of Eevee's past before being found by Dallas is unknown. Dallas had just finished a mission when Eevee made her appearance and began to follow him. While it took a bit to capture her, he eventually did, and then decided to give Eevee to eight-year-old Aeryn.

Kanto Saga

Eevee makes her debut in Kanto 1: Kanto and Beyond! where she is seen waking up and later using her Tackle attack to wake Aeryn up. Once arriving to the Lumiose City Airport to meet Aeryn's best friend and traveling partner, Bailey Ketchum. In the same episode, Eevee meets Bailey's partner, Ralts and the two become fast friends.

Personality and characteristics

Like her species, Eevee has a playful demeanor, and is affectionate towards Aeryn but also protective of her. She loves making new friends, but is also cautious when meeting new people and Pokémon. She loves spending time with Aeryn and helping her out. She, like Aeryn, are wondering what happened to Dallas. Eevee is grateful for him catching her, as if he didn't, she would never had met Aeryn.

Moves used

Move First Used In
Tackle Kanto 1: Kanto and Beyond!
Double Team Kanto 2: First Catches!
Hidden Power Kanto 2: First Catch!
Swift Kanto 2: First Catches!
Attract Kanto 2: First Catches!*
Bite Kanto 3: A Rocky Battle!
Shadow Ball Kanto 5: The Mermaid of Cerulean City
Quick-Attack Kanto 14: Training Daze
Iron Tail Kanto 14: Training Daze
A shows that the move was used recently.


  • Eevee doesn't care what she evolves into, as long as she makes Aeryn happy, that's all she cares about.
  • Eevee was originally going to be caught by Aeryn later; but that was scrapped.
  • Eevee is known for waking Aeryn up using Tackle[1].
  • Aeryn doesn't like to use Eevee's Attract[2]


  1. Stated in Kanto 1: Kanto and Beyond!
  2. Confirmed in Kanto 2: First Catch!

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